Stop the Speeding

Barrhaven’s rapid growth has resulted in an influx of dangerous and reckless driving throughout our community.

As your Councillor, Taayo will:

Public Transit

Growing up, Taayo relied exclusively on public transit as his family could not afford a vehicle. Taayo understands the importance of reliable transit.

As your Councillor, Taayo will:

Invest in Our Community

We need to ensure that our road infrastructure and public spaces keep pace with our community’s growing needs.

As your Councillor, Taayo will:

Lower Taxes

Gas prices are high, inflation is up yet our incomes haven’t increased in the same way. Taayo believes City Hall should focus on making your life more affordable.

As your Councillor, Taayo will:

Safe Streets

We deserve to live without the fear of being victimized by theft and property crime. Law enforcement is a core function of our municipal government and for too long it has been underfunded.

As your Councillor, Taayo will:

Let's bring positive change to City Hall